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Most Celebrated Years of International Hairstylist Competiton

The Best Hairstylist and Hair Fashion Reviews (2000-2009)

I was wondering what kind of hairstyle that would win this type of competition. As an observer, I am not a "hairstylist" per sae... But I have the ability to see what type of hairstyles that would be the trend fashion for that certain era.

As a bonus reference, I wanted to share the best hairstyle commentaries starting from the year 2000 to 2009 and would like to quote some articles, news and other commentaries in the international level of the hairstylists industry:


If you're the kind of the man whose escapades with products have made you look more like Claus Van Bulow than like George Clooney, there is professional help on the horizon. Rodney Cutler, owner of the sleek salon bearing his name, is just enough of a guy's guy to put any leery male patron at ease.

An Australian football champ, Cutler can move easily from dissecting last night's game to giving easy-to-follow advice to his clientele about how to keep their perfectly formulated coifs in top shape. "Rodney's the only person I'd send my boyfriend to," enthuses a beauty editor at a women's fashion mag. "He makes looking good easy for the average guy." Cutler describes his appeal this way: "Men want to look, but they also need to feel comfortable. When they come in here they understand they're not going to be all styled up -- I don't blow-dry their hair, I just put in a little product, show them how to maintain it, and away they go".


Originally the awards should have been named Georgie Awards in honor of George Westmore, who originated and created the very first motion-picture makeup and hairstyling department in Hollywood's history, at the Selig Studios in 1917. However it turned out that a Canadian architectural award of that name already exists and the idea was dropped.


Spy games and espionage styles, all with a James Bond inspired theme, created an air of intrigue and mystery as newcomers were catapulted into the spotlight and a veteran stylist received the honor of a lifetime at the 14th Annual Contessa Awards Gala, November 17, 2002.

Stevie English sits down backstage at Hair Expo Australia with Jacen Ward the day before he was announced as the Hair Expo Colour Technician of the Year 2009. They talk about Jacen’s role at Toni and Guy, his ambitions, collections and future goals.

Reviews and Contributions

These are just some of the best articles or latest news that catch my eye to summarize the best hairstylist occasions since 2000. Those who wanted to share their links to other award ceremonies, latest news or famous hairstylists around the world are most welcome to post their review. I will have to moderate this blog though so we can get the best content in the hairstyling industry that can be useful to our readers.

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